Da Rules

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Da Rules

Postby The_Joker » Thu Jan 07, 2016 2:26 am

These are the rules which provide order and structure to these forums, they are not hard to follow, please read them all


2. Show respect for all in the forums. There may be people of varying ethnicity, religions,diagnosis and political affiliations. All are equal in the eyes of Always Aspergers LLC

3. Posts implying violence or harm to yourself or others will investigated because we care about our members.

4. This forum system is for constructive discussions only no bashing or slandering

5. No child under age 13 is allowed in the forums, strictly for legal reasons.

6. Spamming is not allowed, we consider posts promoting a website, facebook or social group, twitter handle, or product of any sort spamming and will result in immidate removal, with the exception of the blog/youtube forum

7. You are not allowed to impersonate anyone, you should only be representing yourself on here, anyone caught doing this will be banned

8. We do not tolerate duplicate accounts by our members, if it comes to our attention that you have multiple accounts, both accounts will be removed

9. You must have a registered account to use the forum, we do not allow for guest or anonymous accounts for safety purposes

10. If anyone is caught posting from a known proxy service (Hidemyass, Tor, etc.) you will be contacted by a moderator and questioned as we frown on their use for security and legal reasons.

11. If you observe a rule violation use the report button, and disengage, do not threaten or attack them.

12. You must show respect, to the moderators and administrators, failure to do so will result in immediate ban
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